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“Asinakuthula umhlaba ubolile/We cannot keep quiet when the world is in shambles”

—Nontsizi Mgqwetho

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**Please note that we will be limited to 100 webinar attendees on Zoom, so anyone who tries to join after the 100 mark will have to watch on Facebook.


In Solidarity with the children of South Africa 

Asinakuthula: we cannot keep quiet while the world is in shambles-- Nontsizi Mgqwetho

We, Asinakuthula Collective, a group of teachers and researchers invested in telling untold
stories of African womxn stand alongside the children of South Africa:


To high school learners in our schools,
To the Grade 1’s of 1994, the 33 and 34 year old’s of today,
To the Grade 1’s before you and the Grade 1’s after you,
To the Matric class of 2020:



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